Take a look: Wagamama Branding (plus bonus secret revealed)

Welcome to Take a look: Wagamama Branding. The Take a look series are going to give you a run down of branding, products, news and more.

For the launch we’re going to be looking at (personal opinion to follow) one of the greatest places on earth; Wagamama.

As soon as you walk through the door, you’re instantly hit with an insane feeling. ┬áThe benches, the open kitchen, the ultra cleanliness. Nope, the branding. All of the mentioned are near perfect, however it’s the way that the company has been branded that really makes it stand alone in this race.


As you look around, you’ll notice the bold font that stands out and instantly draws your eyes to it. You’ll see the ‘upside down’ star. The bright red scattered across the staff uniform. These little things all really make you feel like you’ve stepped into something spectacular.

One of the main things that personally does it for me, is the indiviual placemats. At a first glance, you’d think they where all the same, but then you sit down and realise that each one has a ‘meal plan’ on it. They’re mainly a combination of a starter, side main and often a drink too. Think about it, they’re almost making the choice for you. It’s brilliant.


Finally you have the mix between the bold English font and the sleek Japanese symbols that are scattered around. These mix together as well as the noodles and veg.

Bonus Secret Reveled:

Just in case non of you had ever realised, the Japanese symbols that the waiter writes on your placemats are actually just the numbers from the menu. Clever!